Deciding What Advice To Follow

Deciding What Advice To Follow

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In this day and age there is so much information around us. Whatever the topic, somebody has written about it, produced a video or podcast, talked on radio or television or used some other way of putting ideas out there. Usually numerous people have communicated their ideas in some way. Academic research has quite likely been done on the topic. It is easy to suffer information overload. In addition, one can feel confused when exposed to conflicting ideas.

How does one decide what advice to follow? How does one decide what to ignore? Sometimes you know from experience a certain idea isn't for you. There are times when trial and error works. However, sometimes the result of following certain advice could have dangerous repercussions for some people.

In regard to food you will sometimes know something doesn't agree with your body. A particular food may be all the rage but if it makes you come out in a rash or gives you indigestion, it isn't for you.

If the advice is on a topic such as how to grow herbs in pots you may feel it is worth giving it a try. What’s the worst that can happen? They don’t grow at all or perhaps don’t grow as well as you would like. In this case you may find by experimenting with the size of pot or type of potting mix you get better results. Alternatively you may decide to grow something else.

In regard to self development and self improvement topics many ideas that seem to have some validity are worth a try. We all have different lifestyles, spiritual beliefs, upbringing and cultural backgrounds and this will affect how we feel about things and what is likely to work for us. We may need to try a few different ideas or variations on suggested tips to find what benefits us. However, if we don’t feel a need to change how we are doing things then we should continue as before. Just because many other people are trying a new fad doesn’t mean we have to do the same.

With health advice it is usually advisable to consult your doctor as she/he knows about your health and history. Although your doctor doesn’t know everything, especially if you haven’t disclosed certain information relevant to your health, he/she may be able to say if something such as a particular exercise plan is safe for you to try. A doctor or chemist may advise you not to take a certain herb or supplement as it will react negatively with medication you have been prescribed.

With so much information around us we can feel compelled to be constantly taking new ideas on board. However, sometimes it is more beneficial to take a break from gathering information and just breathe deep and enjoy the moment.


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