Brooches As Accessories

Brooches As Accessories

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For quite some time brooches were seen as ‘old fashioned’. They are back in fashion and can be worn in all sorts of ways to embellish an outfit.

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Traditionally a brooch was worn on a lapel or at the centre of a buttoned up collar. They were also pinned to dresses, sweaters and hats. Brooches can still be worn these ways but today’s woman can be more adventurous and imaginative.

Brooches can be pinned to handbags, t-shirts, berets and even shoes. To draw attention to your legs you could pin a small brooch to the top of the slit of a fitted skirt.

A brooch jazzes up a plain black bag. ImageMarie Vonow

A brooch can be worn on a scarf. Drape a triangular scarf around your shoulders and fix it in place with a brooch. You could tie a scarf around your hips and jazz up the knot with the addition of a brooch.

Matching brooches can be pinned to plain shoes to add pizzazz. A pair of matching brooches can be worn with one on each side of the collar of a plain blouse. This works particularly well if the brooches have an elongated shape such as a long leaf.

A plain sleeveless vest can be covered with a collection of brooches. A denim jacket can also be the background for a display of brooches.

For contrast, a ‘fun’ or quirky brooch can be worn on a tailored blazer. A vintage brooch can be pinned on a modern jacket. This adds interest to a denim jacket. If you are able to find a brooch of your favourite bird or animal you could pin it on your jacket.

I love this owl brooch. ImageMarie Vonow

You could attach a brooch to a fabric wristband for a ‘new’ bracelet. A brooch can be pinned to a piece of velvet or lace and worn around the neck as a choker.

If you are looking for a hair accessory try this. Choose a stretchy headband in a plain colour. Pin several small brooches to the section of the hair band that will not be covered by your hair.

These days there are plenty of ways to wear brooches to add variety to your clothing. If you need further inspiration a quick internet search will provide you with plenty of ideas.


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