Adopting a Rescue Pet

Adopting a Rescue Pet

Posted 2014-06-20 by melzyfollow
I can honestly say that there is unconditional love and great satisfaction to be had from adopting a rescue pet. I currently have three in my care and one has been re-homed to a family member.

First let me tell you about Pheonix, she was a little ball a fur when I first saw her looking much the worse for wear. RSPCA had taken her from her previous home due to abuse. I found her in the pet shop, no one knew at this stage that she had severe burns to all her paws. Hence her name as she truly rose from the ashes and flames to be reborn.

Upon discovering this I took her immediately to the vet and gave her a new home. If you ever want a challenge, try bandaging a kittens paws. There was a lot of trials and tears but slowly she healed. She will always bear the scars from her ordeal which I might add I never knew what caused the burns. She has toes melded together and it broke my heart to see her pads falling away as I bandaged her as a kitten. She is the little one on the left cuddled up to her new sister.

She still lives happily with me to this day and although she can be a grumpy old girl sometimes now she still purrs just as loudly as she did that first time I ever picked her up. She still loved humans no matter what they had done to her.

Next there was Ishtar my faithful dog. Her litter had been thrown in a public rubbish bin. A little boy heard them and went to investigate. The result was five puppies hand reared and re-homed, unfortunately the rest did not survive. Again I found her in the pet shop and fell in love. She has been a loyal and loving companion and I still cannot understand how someone could ever think of her as rubbish.

Then there was the feral kittens, their mother feeding them out of a dumpster behind the back of where I then worked. I made the decision to save them. I realise I cannot save every animal that needs help and care but I decided I could make it my responsibility to help these ones. I trapped the kittens and brought them home.

Trust me feral kittens are not friendly, although the way one of them looked at me with curiosity I could just see he wanted to make friends and time and patience paid off. I named them Dusty and Quinn. The first time Dusty purred I thought I had imagined it as for so long she had treated me as a monster that had stolen her. She is now a very pampered, content house cat, you would never imagine she survived eating out of a dumpster.

Quinn had eye problems from in-breeding whilst Dusty looked like she was a pure bred. I refused to have Quinn put down regardless of what anyone thought and was lucky enough to have those that supported my decision. He is a big healthy boy now and even though he will always have eye issues and de-sexing him was an ordeal he is as loving and content as possible. I have never regretted my decision to let him live and never will.

Yes people say you can't save them all, but if each of us save just one we have helped these innocent animals to have a life that would never have been possible otherwise. The love and affection that they give in return is well worth any effort you may put in.


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