Accessories Can Make All The Difference

Accessories Can Make All The Difference

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We have heard it before but it is so true. Accessories can make all the difference to the look of an outfit. They can dress it up or down. The right accessories make a statement and update your look. They can be used to express your personality. Your choice of accessories will depend on your lifestyle, body shape and your personal style. Some people feel age has an influence too.

Accessories can be inexpensive and usually don’t take much room to store. Divided boxes often sold in craft and discount stores are ideal for storing earrings. Scarves can be hung on hooks. Jewellery boxes can be pretty bedroom decorations. You can make your own jewellery storage system very cheaply if you enjoy a bit of craft or just think outside the square.

Folk art jewellery box. ImageMarie Vonow

How you wear accessories is up to you. Some women choose to wear one piece so the focus is on it. This may be a statement necklace or large earrings. Sometimes an outfit looks best with a single accessory. You may just prefer not to wear more than one accessory at a time especially if your style is classic. On the other hand you may prefer to wear more than one item to jazz things up.

Necklaces come in all sorts of styles, thicknesses and lengths. Some really interesting ones can be picked up at markets and when travelling. Craft lovers may enjoy making their own. Whatever your style you can find something that expresses it.

I was going to write that brooches are not currently in fashion. Then I thought about the current trend for wearing vintage clothing and thought I should do an internet search on the current status of the brooch. I read the brooch has made a comeback. Therefore, it is another accessory to consider when you want to add interest to what you are wearing.

Rings, bracelets and earrings
Some women love to wear lots of rings, a stack of bracelets or they have a number of holes in each ear so they can wear several earrings at once.
Jewellery can be a great way to express your individuality. It can add colour to an outfit and a bit of humour.

Brightly coloured fish earrings. ImageMarie Vonow

Some hats are practical and others add a sense of fun to an outfit. There was a time when women always wore a hat when they were going out.

Scarves can keep your neck warm or can be worn more for their decorative appeal. A scarf can dress up a plain outfit. If your outfit is black and this tends to make you look a bit washed out, the addition of a scarf in a flattering colour can give your overall look a boost.

Bags come in all shapes, colours, sizes and styles. For some it is practical to have one bag containing the essentials and use this bag all the time. It avoids the problem of being out and discovering you don’t have something you need because it is in ‘my other bag’. Others prefer to have a choice of bags and swap them depending on what outfit they are wearing and where they are going.

There are those who don’t like to carry a bag and choose to travel light with what they need in the pockets of their jeans. I am the opposite and carry a large bag with everything in it including the kitchen sink. Well, not the kitchen sink but I do have a diary, several pens, bottle of water, purse, train timetable and perhaps a lightweight jacket and umbrella.

There is plenty of room in this bag. ImageMarie Vonow

With such a variety of types and styles of accessories there are plenty of ways to vary your look and make more use of the clothes you already own. Sometimes, perhaps you don't need new clothes but can change your look with clever use of accessories.


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