A Womans Heart

A Womans Heart

Posted 2014-06-05 by melzyfollow

I know as women sometimes we tend to be critical or jealous of our fellow females but today I feel the love and strength. I see all the trials and tribulations going on around me and how very strong those women are. I feel a proud sense of belonging to womenkind.

Maybe its reaching a certain age when you look around and really value and see for the first time the connections and experiences you have in common. There's a bond that develops when with one look you hear your inner voice say "I know what she's going through, been there done that. Oh god I wish her strength and comfort".

Have we not all lost a loved one, loved the wrong one. Had to make a decision that felt like cutting off your own hand would be easier. We love and we give of ourselves no matter the cost. We make bargains with the Devil it seems at times and get lost in the grey between right and wrong.

How many times I have seen and been the woman giving all she had till there seemed there was nothing left to give. She burns out, her flame flickers and dies down like just a whisper could put her out. But from somewhere deep inside she rises again and that flame burns strong and true if not brighter then before.

What bond more powerful than that of mother and child. What a force to be reckoned with if you should harm her children, family or friends. Like a bear in the wild sacrificing her own life to defend her cub against a bigger and seemingly mightier foe.

Its been said and should be said again and again, never underestimate a woman. You may think you have bested her and won, but remember that was probably one small battle and far from a victory. We rebuild, we adapt, we source strength from a place deep inside and we fight back.

We endure blood, pain, tears, hormones, heartbreak and death. We create and nurture life into existence. Are we not magical in the power and strength we possess?

Today I give thanks that I am woman and proud amongst those of my kind. I wish strength to those who need to fight, comfort to those who need to cry, hope to those who need to let go and most of all love to those who have forgotten their worth.


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