5 Easy Chicken Recipes That You Could Prepare At Home

5 Easy Chicken Recipes That You Could Prepare At Home

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When it comes to white meat, most of the people in our country prefer chicken and very few of them are acquainted or familiar with the taste of turkey. So, whenever you get chicken cravings what do you about it? Run off to your favourite restaurant? Or order food online? These are your best options? Have you ever thought of preparing hotel style chicken curry at home?

I know what thought would have just entered your mind. You must be thinking that you are no professional chef to cook hotel like chicken dishes. But that is so not true!

In today’s article I am going to talk about a few chicken recipes that can be easily be made at home without any hassle.

1.Chicken dahiwla- as the name suggests this chicken recipe uses curd for its gravy. It is not at all difficult to prepare. Marinating the chicken might take a while but the procedure is very easy to follow. And if you already have a knack for cooking then you could also use your own ideas while making this lovely dish.

2.Pepper chicken- now you don’t have to think of chicken balls and thick Chinese gravy. You could simply try out the dry pepper chicken . Again, it is not at all difficult to prepare and also one would need minimal ingredients from the kitchen. The generous amount of pepper used in the preparation gives the zing to the dish.

3.Butter chicken- I know what you are thinking, that this dish is definitely not for amateurs and also one might not have the equipments to make it. Now traditionally the chicken is first half cooked in the tandoor, and then added to the creamy gravy that is prepared separately. But, you could also cook the chicken using a pan. All you have to do is follow the instructions carefully and you are all set to go.

4.Chicken do piyaza- the speciality of the recipe is the flavour of onions that fills the dish. This is yet another simple recipe that does not require much work or preparation. You could follow the simple steps of the recipe and become the master chef of your home. Now many people use capsicum in the recipe as well. But that is completely optional. But, trust me the flavour that capsicum adds to the dish is a delight to the taste buds.

5. Chicken stew- this is the most simplest and easiest of them all. This has almost no hassle and can be made very quickly. This particular dish uses various vegetables in it too, such as carrots, potatoes, cauliflower etc. The recipe is made with the help of a pressure cooker so there is no need of constant stirring. Also, it uses very less spice and hence is quite healthy.

So, these were some of the chicken recipes that I use and so could you, to break the monotony and you could serve something different every once in a while.


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