10 Things To Do On A Spring Day

10 Things To Do On A Spring Day

Posted 2017-09-29 by Marie Vonowfollow
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Spring is here and although I like winter I am really enjoying the warmer days. Not all the days are warm so I make sure I appreciate those that are. In a couple of months we will start getting some really hot days, not a fan of the heat. There are plenty of things to do on a spring day. Some are fun and others aren't fun as such but can be very satisfying.

It's a sunny day, real Goldilock's weather, not too hot and not too cold, but just right. Here are a selection of things you could do -

1. Go for a walk
Whether you go alone, with your dog or other pet or a friend, enjoy that walk. If you are in the country it would be wise to keep an eye out for any snakes that are starting to wake up after their long winter sleep. They may not get out of your way as quickly as later in the year.

I mentioned 'other pets' because there are people who walk their cat on a lead. Occasionally someone will take their pet turtle, lizard or goanna out on a leash.

If you suffer hay fever or asthma and pollen aggravates your condition you may prefer to stay inside.

2. Go for a bike ride or ride a horse
I am not one to ride a bike or a horse but many people enjoy these activities.

3. Do some gardening
Spring is a great time to be in the garden. Be aware of the sun and wear a hat, long sleeves and sun screen.

Many seeds and seedlings for flowers and vegetables can be planted in spring. Some mulch will stop the soil drying out too quickly.

Spring is lovely in the garden Image by Marie Vonow

4. Go for a picnic
It strikes me as a pity that my first reaction to a sunny day will be to think of doing some washing as it will dry quickly. I should go on a picnic, but to be honest I can't think of the last time I did this. May be this spring.

Perhaps you would enjoy taking the family to a park where there is a barbecue. Sausages in bread with sauce is a simple meal but one many youngsters enjoy. It doesn't require a lot of preparation.

5. Go somewhere and take photos
There are plenty of lovely flowers and lots of blossom at this time of year. Once you start looking you will find plenty of things to photograph and the activity can make you feel more gratitude.

6. Watch the baby swallows growing up
There is a swallows' nest above the back door. Today we spotted a little beak poking out of the nest. It's such a privilege to be able to witness the little ones growing up and I enjoyed the experience last year.

Hungry baby swallows last year Image by Marie Vonow

Perhaps you are able to watch other birds at your place. Down by a creek you may see ducklings, so cute.

7. Do some spring cleaning
Spring is traditionally the time to clean the house. I would certainly rather move furniture to clean behind and dust the tops of cupboards now than in mid summer. Floors and other surfaces you wash will dry more quickly than during cold weather.

Curtains will dry much more rapidly quickly than during winter and won't fade as they may in summer. You may have a couch with removable covers that can be washed. There is a real feeling of satisfaction to get these types of jobs done.

8. Declutter
Decluttering can be part of spring cleaning or an activity of its own. Spring is a good time to declutter and follow up with a garage sale. People are more likely to be out cruising garage sales on a lovely sunny day than when it is cold, wet or scorching hot. If you want to hold one without paying for advertising try holding it on the Garage Sale Trail Weekend if you live in Australia.

9. Clean outdoor furniture
Spring is nice weather for outdoor entertaining. Sweep away cobwebs and dust from outdoor furniture and perhaps give it a wash in readiness for entertaining.

10. Sit outside and enjoy the moment
Just enjoy the beautiful weather. You may like to simply sit or you may want to knit, read or do craft. It seems a pity to spend a beautiful day inside if you are able to spend it out of doors.


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