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Image Courtesy of renjith krishnan When youre engaged in work that you love, and that brings you joy, youre one unstoppable angel to society.

Work is not meant to be a drudgery. Work is not meant to be a struggle, a chore and living what is known as "the daily grind." Work is meant to be joyful self expression to all of us. After all we spend a third of our lives working and being of service to other people. It is foolish to engage in work that is not joyful - work that is not in line with your soul purpose.

When you're engaged in work that is in line with your soul purpose - such work is congruent with who you really are, and you'll then be inspired to do that work for free. When you set yourself up nicely for this additional abundance, you will not need to work just for the money. Joy and enjoyment (aka passion) needs the first and utmost priority when it comes to your work. Sure, you can make money out of anything, yet if such labour is not a labour of love and following the path of least resistance; let's face it - you're going to struggle.

Getting fired and made redundant, or even cut off from a certain line of work is not a terrible thing. People who are involved in such circumstances (being made redundant) are feeling sorry for the ones that are left behind. Being made redundant means you get a decent payout (in most cases) to go towards building your joy bank account. There are friends of mine who have put this joy to good use by using such funds as capital to invest in work that brings them joy for a change.

If God gives you a gift, a talent and special skills to perform a certain role, only to then take it away; this means that such work is no longer in line with your soul purpose.

This is what has recently happened with me running chocolate tours. The start was amazing, until the universe brought me all sorts of hiccups, problems and obstacles that questioned my ability to continue with this line of work in this business where I overstepped a boundary, of which I still regret doing. As soon as I became a doctor a month ago, I started to become a forgetful chocolate tour guide. I was struggling to speak; I was losing my voice, and felt exhausted/completely drained after each three-hour tour for no apparent reason - not to mention an unexplained cracked front tooth beckoning on the eve of a difficult tour, of which I needed emergency dental surgery for immediately afterwards. Mind you, my entire earnings from that tour went towards that surgery. Don't ignore the red flags.

On the other hand, my work is enjoyable as an editor, writer, doctor and business consultant. Although there are times that all of this work feels hard and tiring (expected sometimes), yet on the whole I am whole and at joy with what I am doing. Joy comes from helping other people in your work, and when you love what you do, you naturally gravitate towards an attitude of service as opposed to working for the money. Miraculously so, your income goes up, and therefore money is no longer much of a problem for you.

When you're in a line of work that is not in line with your soul purpose, and the money is great or otherwise; hiccups knock on your domain that suck that great cash out of you. Since retiring from running chocolate tours, my income has miraculously risen over the last couple of weeks, as at the time of writing this. And my problems have disappeared too, expect for contracting the flu.

Life is too short to not engage in work that does not bring you joy. Whether you're your own boss and/or you work for someone else; the people you work with are your extended family. Therefore it is important to engage in work that only brings you joy. Joy first, and then the rewards (financial and otherwise) will come.


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