Women Who Fear Marriage

Women Who Fear Marriage

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We often hear about men who are afraid to commit to marriage. In the past it was unusual to hear of a woman who was reluctant to say, 'I do'. These days there are a greater number who are stating they do not want to get married.

Traditionally it was expected that every woman would marry and have children. There was a fear of being 'left on the shelf'. If a woman wasn't proposed to, well there must have been something wrong with her. There was shame in remaining single.

Back then, the idea of a woman being afraid of marriage was unheard of. Perhaps some woman did feel that way but it is very unlikely they would have said it out loud. Maybe some were afraid of marriage but their fear of what would happen to them if they remained single was even stronger. Society has changed.

Times have changed. Today there are women who are afraid of marriage and they are happy to stay single.

There are more options these days because a woman doesn't have to depend on a man financially. A woman may choose to live alone. She may live with a female friend, in a platonic situation, or otherwise. Perhaps she lives in her own place but still considers herself part of a couple. Some couples live in a Living Apart Together (LAT) arrangement where each has his/her own place but they do many things as a couple.

Reasons why a woman may fear marriage
  • Her parents divorced and she is afraid of her own marriage ending the same way.
  • She may have watched one or both of her parents have more than one unsuccessful try at marriage.
  • She may have witnessed domestic violence in her childhood home.
  • Many couples around her may argue a great deal and be unhappy.
  • She may have been married once but it didn't work out. Now she may be afraid of marrying again.
  • Perhaps she enjoys the freedom of being single.
  • Maybe she is career driven and feels marriage would limit her ability to advance in her career.
  • It could be she feels it wouldn't be fair to commit to marriage and then continue to pursue her career intensely.
  • Perhaps she earns very good money and fears losing out financially if she got married.
  • Perhaps she considers the main reason for marriage is to have children, but she doesn't want children.
  • She may fear being taken for granted if married.
  • A woman may fear being tied to another person's family.
  • She may be happy in a relationship but expect getting married would change things.

  • Occasionally a woman who fears marriage experiences leukophobia, a phobia about the colour white, the symbol of a wedding. Gamophobia is a severe, irrational fear of getting marriage. I feel there is a big difference between making a choice not to marry due to carefully thought out reservations and just being totally scared of anything to do with marriage.

    These days women have many more choices. Many woman are marrying later in life. Some don't marry at all. There are more variations in living arrangements and what suits one woman will not suit another.


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