Whats Right For You

Whats Right For You

Posted 2014-12-15 by pippa richfollow

There are so many new dietary requirements today. Finding the right array of foods for you is an ongoing evaluation process.

There are a lot of resources available which explain the effects of certain foods and additives for your benefit.

Common intolerance like lactose, gluten and eggs are tips of the ice berg. Pregnant women, often unaware, should be avoiding certain foods and additives as they may cause birth defects.

Vegetarians now have an increased choice of meat free foods. Vegans must seek out their alternatives. Supermarkets are increasing theses options and making it easier to have these diets.

The weightless challengers are often overwhelmed by choice of diets. With al diets, they face conflicting opinions of what's good for you.

What works for one may not work for another. There are food technologists, dieticians, nutritionists and holistic practitioners all offering their advice on what's right for you and food to choose.

If in doubt, or you suffer from ongoing symptoms, it may be your food.


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