Take a Load Off

Posted 2014-08-24 by lynjofollow

There's something embracing about a shady spot under a tree or two. A space to rest and recuperate before getting on with the day again. A place to sit and reflect. A place to wait for someone. A place to watch the world go by. Or a place to enter into another world by reading a book.

The blend of sunlight and shade allows you to get as much warmth from the sun as you like while not getting too hot. This makes it comfortable and cosy and you can move to the best spot as the sun light changes.

Being surrounded by greenery is also very pleasant. Noticing the leaves on the healthy trees reminds us of our connections with nature. Even in a concrete jungle surrounded by walls and concrete tiles we can feel connected to nature if there are trees around.

Finding a place to sit in public can help us connect with others. They might walk past and say hello,comment on the day, comment on the news. They might join you, perhaps asking if that would be all right or perhaps just sitting there. You might wonder whether you should speak first or wait to see if they do. Your eyes might meet or they might not. This is, like the connection with nature, another point of connection. Another reminder that we are not alone in this world. We are in fact surrounded by people. We can let them close or keep them afar. Either way is fine.

We might wonder about who has sat on the seat before us. There could have been famous people, not famous people, people like us, who have sat there before and done exactly what we have. The sights and sounds may have been the same or different. We know that some things stay the same while some things change.

We can choose when to leave the seat, when to move to the next part of our life journey. Perhaps to catch public transport or to walk. Perhaps leisurely or more in a rush, particularly if we stayed for a while at the seat. We take comfort in knowing the seat will still be there next time we pass.


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