We all Do It

We all Do It

Posted 2014-04-16 by e.pidfollow

I can see what you’re up to you know. After sitting down at your desk, you set up your laptop and your notes. All set. But wait, but first you’d better check Facebook, and Tumblr, and Twitter, oh and can’t forget Instagram.

Next, check all texts. Then you’d better check them all again, just to make sure the texting app wasn’t lying to you.

Now it’s time to put on a comfier, slouchier pair of pants, just so you can completely veg out at your desk while catching up on your correspondence. You wouldn’t want any tight designer cigarette pants intersecting the amazing works your ‘thought cooker,’ as Yogi Bear once called it.

Just when you thought you couldn’t put it off any longer, you realised you were in desperate need of brain food, or else how were you expected to write this masterpiece that younger generations will probably end up quoting in years to come.

Once you have had your pre-snack snack, that snack you eat while looking for another snack, because is really doesn’t count as a proper snack, you are finally able to sit back down at your desk, ready for action.
Buuuttt, it’s not tidy, and you can’t work properly with a cluttered desk. After sorting through all your old grade 6 humanities masterpieces on China, you find yourself reminiscing over other old letters, and notes, and pieces of work you had forgotten about, but knew you kept them for a reason, and that reason is of course not to show off to your future children about how great your school results were in grade 3 art class…

Finally, time to open a blank word document. And open a blank Google search screen.
Nup, better re-check your phone one last time to see if you received any texts that you may have missed.

OK, type one amazingly, aw-inspiring sentence that could change the world.
Better reward yourself with a quick 10-minute Facebook/snack break/insta sesh…

Hang on, I am you!


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