Understanding Life through the Writing of George Orwell 2

Understanding Life through the Writing of George Orwell 2

Posted 2014-11-08 by lynjofollow

"You never know when a stroke of luck is coming". This is a quote from Orwell in his book "Down and Out in Paris and London". He was reflecting on something a hotel waiter told him when relaying a story about getting some good orders during tough times.

We might all feel like we need a stroke of luck once in a while. Perhaps we live our lives in anticipation of luck just being around the corner. Or perhaps we live our lives knowing that luck only plays a small part in our lives. We work hard and plan and what appears like luck might actually be us reaping the rewards of our efforts.

Some people seem to have a lot of bad luck though. Putting in the effort and not getting the rewards you would expect. Or experiencing set back after set back. A bit of luck at times could just be what they need to turn the corner and make some headway. Or a bit of help along the way perhaps.

We might put on our lotto tickets each week and hope that this week is our week, our time to be lucky.Then we read about people who are so lucky and win a million dollars only to then complain that it made their life more miserable. So being lucky may not be as lucky as we think it is.

We might look to our spirituality, or believe in a guardian angel to take care of us, to bring us luck in our life. We might query whether this is luck or whether or not having a belief system actually helps us to achieve what we set out to do. Gives us the strength to try new things, to get up each day and bring about our own luck, increase our own capacity to do the things that we need to or want to do.

So luck is a bit mysterious really. It could even be a misnomer in some ways. It could be not actually real. When we have a near miss we might say we were lucky. When something we can't control goes our way we might say we were lucky. But there just might be some underlying factors that played themselves out that we forgot about or just didn't notice.

If it helps us to get through the day, to keep on trying, to stay motivated, waiting for the luck that's just around the corner mightn't be such a bad thing after all. Having a bit of luck is may be something we all need every now and again.


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