Trying To Fast Forward Into The Future

Trying To Fast Forward Into The Future

Posted 2014-08-02 by lynjofollow

I wonder if you have ever found yourself doing this. I’ve done it a few times now and it’s starting to feel a bit unusual. The other night I was trying to find a television show that I had saved on my Foxtel IQ. I was pushing the fast forward button to avoid the advertisements and nothing was happening. I was looking at the remote then to the television and back to the remote again. The little light was working and I’d recently changed the batteries so that couldn’t be the problem. Just as I was starting to sigh rather loudly about things not working properly my daughter laughed and said “Mum, that’s tonight’s show. You’re trying to fast forward into the future”. I laughed too and managed to start again and find the saved program, which I was able to fast forward.

This was a few days ago now but I’ve been thinking about that idea quite a bit since then. The idea of fast forwarding into the future is quite absurd so I’m not suggesting that time travel to the future is possible or that I’m trying to work out how to do it. What I’ve been thinking about is the connections between past, present and future. How time blends and blurs the boundaries. How the anticipation of the future sometimes dominates the present. How the past dominates the present and potentially the future, if we let. How we have some control over the present and future but can’t change the past. I notice this most when I’m travelling by plane. When you feel swept into a vortex, into a time vacuum where past, present and future seem to mean nothing. You’re switched off from the present in some ways because you can’t use technology but of course you are present with the people in the plane. You are still impacted by the past and the future seems to be approaching rapidly as you focus on your destination. This is particularly weird when there are time changes and you lose or gain an hour or more.

Perhaps this focus into the future means that your present can be lost. You are always thinking and planning ahead rather than living in and for the moment. Valuing what you have at this very point in time, not hoping and wishing about the future, could help us all be more present and positive about what we have right here and now.


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