The Perm on a Motorbikeand Other Life Lessons

The Perm on a Motorbikeand Other Life Lessons

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We are surrounded by endless possibilities and opportunities, constantly being reminded to live life with no regrets. Our lives are a fascinating journey overflowing with delicious surprises, inspiring us to grab every single moment of life right by the horns. A great man once told me, “La meilleure facon de predire l’avenir, c’est de la creer,” meaning that ‘the best way to predict the future, is to create it.’ The opportunity to live and learn, discover new worlds and meet new people, gives us the ability to enrich our lives, making every experience utterly priceless.

Getting “fuzzy in the head” is exactly how my 87years-young Little Nan wishes to spend her 90th birthday. This woman is the pinnacle of life, a real gem. Being one of 8 (all daughters), a niece to 10 (all women), a mother to 5 (all daughters), a grandmother to 13 and a great grandmother to 8, my Little Nan is no fan of shying away from doing things by the half.

My dear little grandmother, being the dot that she is, is a hearty, warm grandmother, somewhat devouring the typical grandmother figure. Her cooking is The Best. No really, I mean The Best…you won’t find scones as fluffy or sandwiches as hearty and fulfilling as hers. Her perm has had a constant presence in my life and her cuddles squish the living day lights out of you. But she broke all these warm assumptions when she recently informed me she had ridden the motorbike. On the farm. With my Pa. Now let me assure you, I struggle greatly to clasp onto my Pa when he goes four wheel driving, through the crater infested paddocks, on the motorbike, with sheep and cows swarming us. So hats off to my Little Nan, for grabbing the bull by the horns and seizing life, because “eventually, everything goes away,” (Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love).

I have been lucky to meet so many weird and wonderful people in my juvenile life so far, including one peculiar man who controversially taught all he knew. What may be considered unprofessional, his frank humour brought years of laughter, uniquely making his mark in history. Moments when you would least expect it; he would burst out with unique life mottos in his thick foreign accent, the most memorable being, “marriage is a slow and very sad meal, where the dessert comes first.”


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