The Epitome of Liberation

The Epitome of Liberation

Posted 2014-08-01 by Artfollow
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Freedom for some is walking on a green grass field, or like a bird ;looking up at the sky and breathing fresh air. But is this all there is to freedom. And why is freedom so important anyway?? Well simply because we want to live life the way we want to live and do the things we want to do when we want to do it. If you accept this for a definition of freedom, still there might be some of you who would disagree to it. And this is because, more than all this, there is an element called emotional freedom

Big words they are, Emotional freedom. To me emotional freedom encompasses emotional wellbeing. We all want our emotional wellbeing to be looked after because that is the basis , the very foundation that provides a thin line between success and failure in anything you do. So, all your soft skills like dedication and hard work and your hard skills like acumen and capacity are important but if there is emotional instability, you certain yourself with an inability to decipher and pin yourself to the path of life with happiness.This causes a significant shift in the scale of balance leading you to be the boss of your own failures.

Very often people are judged, criticised, mocked upon or posted with strong opinions. I feel we have to look one layer below and see what is causing them to behave a certain way which is not approved by family and sometimes by the society at large. An unapproved behaviour, unhappy family , repetitive failures all point their fingers and raise flags at this emotional health. The key to holding the liberation to emotions is the herald of success, peace, happiness and more importantly freedom.

So how do we achieve that .The fact is no one can give this freedom to us. It is self-made and only you can make this happen. The war is between you and the person you see in the mirror. You either give in to the temptation/situation and lose to yourself or pick yourself up, go through the pain of travelling the right path and win yourself to crown your freedom.

End of the day bad things happen but bad people don't make it happen. It is circumstantial, situational and the word 'bad' is subjective. Right and wrong are self defined and people need love and empathy more than sympathy and criticism. We can at the least listen to people, give them a second chance in our life and contribute to their emotional wellbeing. And to do that, we ourselves should be in that poignant health. It all wraps up like a vicious cycle but it is worth having a look at it.

Being emotionally well and helping others to have the benefits of emotional health is more so the epitome of liberation allowing you to soar high in the sky of life.


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