Ten Things I Hate About Weddings

Ten Things I Hate About Weddings

Posted 2014-05-18 by amberfollow
1. Awkwardly posed photographs.
2. Making small talk with people you've never met.
3. The soppy vows the couple makes in front of EVERYONE.
4. Bridesmaid's dresses. Nuff' said.
5. When the bride and groom pull out a crappy dance number they've been practising for months as their first dance.
6. Brides in big frou-frou gowns with tiaras. Arrgghhh!
7. Church services that go for an hour.
8. The speeches. Oh my lord, the speeches.
9. The bonbonniere that you feel bad for throwing away but have no idea what to do with.
10. AAAnd the big one. The bouquet toss, while 'All the single ladies' by Beyonce plays. So cruel.

Disclaimer: I am not bitter, I do enjoy some weddings, but most are just solo cliche.


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