Morning Rush Hour

Morning Rush Hour

Posted 2014-10-10 by lynjofollow

Most mornings are the same. People arrive on their tram or train, bundle themselves off and head in the direction of their workplace. Oblivious of those around them they just focus on the day ahead. Perhaps thinking about the work they are expecting to complete, or worrying about a meeting or task that is going to be a challenge.

They might not even be thinking about work of course. They might be planning their lunch break or the events they will partake in after their work day is completed. They might have thoughts about what they have left behind at home. There might be children or other family members that they carry with them in their mind all day.

There could be many other things they are thinking about too. Friendships or other relationships, hobbies or study could be on the list. They might be thinking about the number of steps they are taking and how this will walk will help them to be a little healthier. They could have health issues they are concerned about, some might be waiting for test results, some might be avoiding having the tests.

They might even not be thinking of anything. Their minds might be empty as they have been practising meditation and found their tram trip slightly meditative. They could be listening to music which helps to block out other thoughts. They might have a song stuck in their head which they are happy to keep there for a while.

So it's another morning, the sun is up, the public transport has got us to where we need to be and we all head off, not noticing the others around us, not thinking about each other, just focused inwardly.


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