Street Art At Salisbury Railway Interchange

Street Art At Salisbury Railway Interchange

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ImageMarie Vonow

I love street art, well not every piece that I see but I love the concept of art being in public places and free to view. People who might feel intimidated by walking into an art gallery can look at art as they walk along. They can choose to stop and really look at all the art that is in one location or just focus on one piece. At the Salisbury (South Australia) railway interchange there is vibrant street art for commuters to enjoy.

The name of the station is bold ImageMarie Vonow

On the platform there are several examples of street art in the form of vibrant mosaics and paintings. I saw a photo of the platform taken years ago before the addition of the street art and it just looked dull and boring.

The mosaics are bright and eye catching. They give commuters something to look at while they are waiting for the train.

ImageMarie Vonow

ImageMarie Vonow
There are a number of paintings on the walls at the platform when you are heading toward Adelaide. These have a water theme and include raindrops, a fish, hermit crabs, duck, pelican, tadpole, frog. and creatures you might find near water.

ImageMarie Vonow

On the other side there are more paintings. There are too many themes to list them all and the paintings are detailed. Plenty to look at here but don't get so absorbed that you miss your train or the bus you were on your way to catch.

Some feature the passenger trains and buses with the name Salisbury clearly displayed. It is interesting to note the orange and silver trains in the murals have been phased out and replaced with more modern trains.

Train at the interchange ImageMarie Vonow

There are streets, city buildings, birds, city traffic, road workers and much more in the murals. Some of the art work shows local street names,

Plenty to look at ImageMarie Vonow

Near the bus parking there are wooden benches inlaid with mosaics
When one walks away from the interchange and heads for the shops there used to be more art work but it was painted over. I supposed that was because it was becoming faded. For photos of some of this artwork click here

Street art is a great way of adding colour and life to areas that can otherwise be rather drab. It has been found it can increase community pride.

There is one final piece of art, just before one gets to John Street with its shops and businesses. This artwork features four columns covered in hands painted in different colours.

Painted hands ImageMarie Vonow

There is also great street art at the Smithfield railway interchange, not on the station itself but across the road where buses pull up. There the art tells about the local history. For more detail, click here


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