Potting About

Potting About

Posted 2014-09-02 by lynjofollow

It sounds a bit old fashioned now. Potting about around the house. Potting about in the garden. It's when you have some time on your hands and spend it doing some odd jobs. Perhaps it could be described as doing the things that turn a house into a home. Little things that make a difference but aren't absolutely necessary.

My parents and grandparents seemed to have so much more time than I do to pot around the house. They would even build it in to their life each week. Perhaps having shops shut after 12 noon on a Saturday helped. Now there always seems to be some other kind of potting around to do - at the shops for example. For some of us there's also work to do outside of the home at all hours.

It can be easy for home to be a place for sleeping, eating and recharging with no time to relax or pot around. When we work long hours, home can be a place for bare essentials rather than a place where we can spend a lot of time.

I would like to have some time to pot around at home. Perhaps with spring and summer ahead I will be able to get into the garden and do some long overdue tidying. I might get to do some spring cleaning as well. I might be able to find some time to re-arrange my furniiture to give the house a fresh look. I just might need to book it in to my diary so that I set aside the time.


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