Poems Inspired By Autumn

Poems Inspired By Autumn

Posted 2017-04-19 by Marie Vonowfollow
Image by Marie Vonow

Mid autumn, that time when summer has definitely ended, brings some lovely weather and the beautiful colours of autumn leaves. Autumn has inspired me to write some poems.

Goldilocks Weather
It's autumn,
Goldilocks weather,
Not too cold or hot, just right.

Autumn Afternoon
Beyond the lace curtains
Green fronds sway
In the autumn afternoon,
A gentle breeze
Nudges the wind chimes,
The melodious tinkling
Blends with the CD playing,
Peace after end-of-summer storms.

Day In Autumn
Autumn day,
Warm air but cool breeze,
Red and gold leaves on damp ground.

Autumn leaves Image courtesy of Pixabay

I love autumn weather.


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