Poem Is Freedom All Its Cracked Up To Be

Poem Is Freedom All Its Cracked Up To Be

Posted 2017-09-06 by Marie Vonowfollow
Courtesy of Pixaby

A young boy had captured a frog
Denying it the freedom which was its right,
He held it gently, protecting it,
Planning ways to care for it that night,
What food would it need?
Would Mum's terrarium provide a safe home?
How could he make sure it stayed trapped
With no chance to escape and roam?

A moral woman walking by
Saw in his hands the captive frog,
“You can't keep that wild creature
You horrid boy, its not a pet dog,
Put him on the grass to jump
He needs to be free to hop on the ground,
He must have freedom to catch flies,
Return to the pond and swim around.”

Chastened, the obedient lad
Did exactly as he was told,
Said goodbye to the frog,
Put it on the ground, released his hold,
The frog had its freedom as frogs
And other wild creatures surely need,
But along came a hungry duck
Who gobbled him up with great speed.


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