Pink in the Morning Shepherds Warning

Pink in the Morning Shepherds Warning

Posted 2014-04-05 by lynjofollow

The pink sunrise spread itself thinly across the sky as my day began. In places grey fluffy clouds interrupted the pink streaks. As I watched, the pink turned to orange and then bright yellow closer to the rising sun.

Another Monday morning, another week ahead. I watched for a bit longer and noticed two hot air balloons dangling against the pink, orange and yellow back drop. What exactly does this pink sky mean? Has it ever really been a warning for those shepherds starting their day be checking on their sheep?
Perhaps it's obvious to shepherds, just not so obvious to me because I'm no shepherd.

Although ... I've often felt like a shepherd, not guarding sheep, but guarding, protecting my children. Putting their needs ahead of mine. Checking they're ok. Sometimes not knowing for sure. Trying not to be overprotective but wanting them to know I'm there.

Feeling only truly content when I know they are safe.Watching out for dangers, doing my best to stop harm coming to them but knowing I couldn't possibly guard them against all harms. I could warn them at times but ultimately they also had to learn to protect themselves, to look after themselves, to take over from me.

Helping children grow means letting them go, not being able to watch over them like the shepherd in the hills. Unlike sheep I want them to think for themselves, learn to care for themselves, be on guard but not too afraid to do things they want to do.

So what should I take from the morning's pink sunrise? Take it as a warning? Be super cautious about the day ahead? Perhaps it's a reminder to look after myself.

Perhaps I should notice the balloons as much as the sunrise - rising above the world, looking down calmly from above, letting go of the things that tie them down. Being free and putting their faith in the wind taking them in whatever direction it takes them. I wonder what the shepherd would be thinking about that.


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