Opinionated Freedom

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights applies to all people, all nations, all individuals and all societies. We should strive to promote these rights.

We are all born free and equal in rights, these rights do not discriminate. Everyone has the right to life, there shall be no slavery, we shall not be tortured or degraded.

We all have the right to be recognised before the law, as equals. If violated we have the right to affective remedy. We shall not be exiled, we are entitled to an equal and fair hearing. We are innocent until proven guilty.

We have the right to leave any country. We have a right to nationality. We have the right to marry and own property. Religion is a right, as is opinion and expression.

We have a right to work, our employment is our choice and we are entitled to equal pay. We have a right to education.

We all have value.


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