Family Boughs

Family Boughs

Posted 2018-03-21 by Mina Keenanfollow

So I have a big extended family. I am 50 plus years old and still don't know who belongs to which distinct family.

I know most of my first cousins - the rest are now just this big, happy lump - who I vaguely know fit into various pockets of other related families - for instance I know who share the same grandparents or great grandparents.

When I was younger I didn't appreciate the concept of time. I now realise new generations happen quickly and lifetimes are shorter than I once envisioned.

I have lost count of the cousins' children and grandchildren.

It does not worry me to be ignorant in this way. There are those that add to the family tree (like we did years prior) and there are plenty in the family who have better memories than me.

The questions 'who are you?' or 'who are your parents?' or 'who are grandparents?' are not taken with offence and readily answered.

People point and ask 'who is that?' - the query once again readily answered and heard.

It's a wee bit odd - how you can see family resemblance a lot clearer than when you are younger - probably because you're hooning around having such a good time. I think family resemblance is a thing that grows on you too - comes out the older you get.

Time, distance and life have had something to do with it - things is what they is. All I can say is that I am so glad to be part of the wider big happy lump.

I do think its alright not to know everyone inside out because generally we are only really known by two or three following generations (a lucky lifetime dictates this) - the rest is hearsay.

And what would there be to talk about when we got together again anyway?


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