Life as Art

Life as Art

Posted 2014-08-16 by lynjofollow

It is no surprise that we can see ourselves represented in artworks. After all artists, like authors, base their work on their life experiences.They notice what is happening around them and how they feel about it and then look to portraying that in their own way through art.

Looking at art can be an experience that helps us to connect with ourselves, see ourselves represented in the past and also help us look to the future. Even artwork from centuries ago can seem familiar and remind us of our own modern lives.

The themes and symbols represented in art can become meaningful for us if we take the time to reflect and think deeply. At different times they may mean different things. On one day we may notice some things and on another day we may pick up different aspects of the message. Over time our understandings may deepen or change.

Art therefore represents life but also adds some new dimensions to our life. It can help bring to focus areas of our lives that have been neglected or taken for granted. It can help us to reshape our thinking or reaffirm those values and beliefs most important to us.

Through a sharing of the arts with others we can build understandings and connections. We can learn about others in ways we might not normally find the language for. Artwork can provide a link to the subconscious, help us to connect emotionally and then search for words and meaning to make sense of the experience. Taking the time to experience this is necessary to get to the core of the messages.

So art can reflect our lives, deepen our thoughts about life and trigger new responses and ways to approach our lives. It might help us uncover feelings and thoughts hidden from view or help us look forward and discover fresh ideas to extend our thinking in the future.

Finding a way of becoming our own artist in whatever form it takes can be an outcome of our exploration of arts. Being inspired by others and wanting to explore our own ideas and feelings further might happen after a visit to an art gallery or viewing images on the internet. Art pieces are never far away from us these days. It could be that everyone is actually an artist in their own right. Taking the time to find a way of expressing it could be the main challenge.


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