Im Not Me When Im Tired

Im Not Me When Im Tired

Posted 2014-12-05 by lynjofollow

I was recently reminded of that ad on television which shows the man behaving rather strangely when he is hungry. After being fed a chocolate bar he is able to return to his usual amicable self. Have you ever had that experience of feeling so exhausted, hungry and tired? Perhaps there were a whole of new demands on your time? Perhaps you were struggling to keep up with family and work commitments? Perhaps you were simply trying to juggle too many balls? The final straw on the camel's back had been planted?

At times like this we can find that our emotional energy is low as we struggle to deal with a lot of emotions and conflicting demands on our time and energy. We might find that some things can easily be cancelled or postponed while others create a real dilemma for us as we try to get the balance right. Right for ourselves as well as right for those around us. We might feel torn between competing demands and worried about what others will think of us. If we usually present as a "can do" person and then feel that we aren't living up to this we can even feel more pressure.The pressure of being human I guess.

Perhaps at times like this we might find ourselves being a bit more snappy and less tolerant than usual. We might find it more difficult to put on the usual smiley face when people walk in front of us or interrupt us. That’s where the chocolate bar ad comes in.At times like this we might feel like we are not being ourselves. We might even feel like we are taking on a different character, playing out a different role to the one we usually play in society. Maybe no-one else noticed or cared but to us it can be obvious and we might become concerned about it.

We might even begin to question whether this is the real us. It certainly seems to be the real persona that comes out during stressful times. Our usual persona might be the one who can cope with the good times, times when we're clear minded and not overtired. Perhaps, we worry, the grumpy and stressed persona we show during times of stress is the real person that we are.

After a good night’s sleep and some prioritising, and may be some chocolate, we might be able to gain a sense of getting back on top of things.We might even ask for some help from trusted friends or family members. After this, we might begin to feel like ourselves again.

We might even be pleased to have had the opportunity to notice and reflect on the other persona that comes out at stressful times. We might be reminded of the multidimensional aspect of ourselves, recognising that we are not just one complete person, that we all have various aspects to our personalities. It’s a good reminder too to be tolerant of others when they are a bit grumpy.


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