How Do You Like To Celebrate Your Birthday

How Do You Like To Celebrate Your Birthday

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This morning I visited a friend who turned 50 today. We got talking about ways we like to celebrate and ways we don't like. It made me think about how what one person feels is lots of fun may overwhelm another person. If planning a celebration for another person it is really important to be aware of what that person enjoys, not what you like.

I invited a number of friends over for my fiftieth and we celebrated in my back yard. I enjoyed the evening and think back with pleasure. There weren't too many people there but enough for me to feel I had celebrated.

I celebrated my sixtieth with several of my cousins. read more. After checking with me that I would like to go out for lunch they organised everything. We moved on to another venue for afternoon tea complete with birthday cake. This was a lovely way to celebrate.

Some people like to have a big party in a hall or club rooms with a DJ and dancing. They like excitement, noise and to be surrounded by lots of people. Their idea of a good time is to party until the early hours of the next day. They don't care if they wake up mid afternoon the next day with a hangover.

Some people enjoy a big party complete with dancing, flashing lights and plenty of alcohol Courtesy of Pixabay

If a surprise such as a singing telegram or someone jumping out of a cake has been organised they will take it in their stride and enjoy it. A person with a quieter personality is likely to be embarrassed and uncomfortable.

There are those who prefer to celebrate by going out for a meal with their partner and don't want other people to join them. If they aren't in a relationship they may enjoy dining out with one close friend.

Some people find a restaurant or hotel too crowded and would prefer a picnic as a way of celebrating.

Some prefer a quiet meal out with one person or even a picnic in a natural setting with no one else around. Courtesy of Pixabay

Others choose to have a meal out with the immediate family or they may celebrate at home with family.

Not everyone wants to go out or have company over for their birthday. Some individuals are uncomfortable eating in front of other people. Some suffer claustrophobia when surrounded by people. Friends may not understand and think it is sad that someone is planning a quiet night alone on their birthday. With the best of intentions they may organise some sort of surprise.

However, a person who has social anxiety or is very introverted may honestly be more comfortable spending time alone doing their own thing. A surprise party may upset the person instead of bringing pleasure. Someone who has been flat out at work or with other responsibilities may long for a soak in the bath and an early night.

Over the years a person's preference for how to celebrate may change. The person who enjoyed a big party in their twenties may prefer a quiet meal two or three decades later. Someone who usually likes to make a fuss of their birthday may want to overlook the occasion if there has been a major change in their life or a tragedy.

Everyone has their own preference for celebrating or they may prefer to overlook the occasion. We are all different.


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