Hair Happenings

Hair Happenings

Posted 2015-02-14 by lynjofollow

Some conversations are really hard not to over-hear. This happened to me yesterday morning following Melbourne’s unusual tropical weather conditions. It clearly plays havoc with some women’s hair. I over-heard a conversation between two women and a man. One woman, patting the back of her hair as she spoke, commented on how horrible her hair was today. The man looked at her curiously before commenting that he is a man so didn’t actually notice. Neither women responded to his comment. The other woman, ignoring what he had to say, patting her own hair, said that she knew exactly what she meant. She had had good hair when she left the house in the morning but look at it now!

I couldn’t resist the temptation to have a look. I couldn’t see a problem with either of their hairdos. Despite what seemed to be perfectly normal hair to me, I couldn't help but hear what a serious concern it was for them both. They wore languards with “speaker” on the front suggesting they were heading to a conference so no doubt wanted to look and feel their best. Having a bad hair day can certainly throw women off their best performance. I knew that from my own experience.

I began to reflect on this and how I’ve similarly commented on how my hair looks. In fact I’ve half consciously noticed that I’m due for a trim, which I have every 5 or 6 weeks. I know that I feel better after I have my hair cut. It can really begin to annoy me if it’s not tidy and it seems to make a difference to my appearance if it’s not sitting just right. In many ways I was just like these women.

I wonder if this has always been the way for women- and suspected it has been. Then of course my thoughts wandered to whether men feel somewhat the same way. With the influx of trendy little barber shops popping up in Melbourne’s inner suburbs and laneways I suspect that men are now, if they weren’t before, taking a greater interest in the way their hair (and beards) look. Is this simply pride in self or the influence of clever marketers promoting the beauty products that women fell for long ago?


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