Graffiti in the Air

Graffiti in the Air

Posted 2014-09-17 by lynjofollow

It almost defies logic. You can't help looking at the graffiti on this sign and wonder how someone reached this sign let alone was able to do the graffiti that is so neat and clear. I can barely color in the lines on a piece of paper let alone on a sign in mid air.

It really got me wondering where the idea comes from to do this, to go to the effort of finding your way to this point and doing the graffiti. Why this spot would be chosen when there must be many other easier spots to graffiti.

I guess the answer is really quite obvious. It becomes a landmark - even temporarily. It stands out against the backdrop of the skyscraper. Every one going past on the trains can see it clearly. It is very obvious above the old building below it and against the blue reflective glass of the new building behind it.The contrast is stark.

I wonder what the letters YWD stand for. Perhaps they are the initials of the artist, perhaps a group of them or the name of something that symbolises them. You can just see the artwork underneath the letters. I wonder whether the same artists did that as well.

I know that this art work is temporary and I will take note in coming days to see if it changes again. Whether the artists will return or whether some one else will cover it. Or perhaps the authorities will step in and cover it with paid advertisements like most of the billboards around the city.

I can't help wondering also whether the artists travel on the trains and view their art work.Do they watch it to check whether anyone else writes over it or are they happy with what they have achieved already?


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