Gifs And Reacting To Stress

Gifs And Reacting To Stress

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Life can be stressful. Do you have some effective ways of dealing with stress or do you find yourself reacting in a less constructive way? Perhaps you use a combination of methods, some helpful and some less so. Beating yourself up about turning to food, cigarettes or another comfort will only make you feel more stressed. If stress is a major issue in your life, it could be advisable to talk to your doctor or a counsellor for ways to address it.

Telling someone you are stressed may help you deal with stress. Just admitting, 'I'm stressed out,' to a friend may be the first step. Remembering to eat regular meals and a balanced diet rather than bingeing will help you cope with life.

Admitting you are stressed can be helpful. A bit of dark chocolate could also help but bingeing doesnt Courtesy of Giphy

There are helpful ways of dealing with feelings of stress

There are plenty of gifs illustrating less helpful reactions to stress. Some of them are rather funny, if you don't take them seriously, and having a laugh may act to reduce the level of stress you are feeling.

These days we are aware of the harm smoking can do to a person's health. I was shocked when a friend told me when she was training to be a nurse back in the late fifties, they were advised to take up smoking to deal with the stress of nursing.

Sometimes a person may not realise just how much something is stressing them out until they acknowledge how many cigarettes they have smoked.

If you look like this gif you are way stressed. Courtesy of Giphy

I tend to turn to food when I am stressed and I know this is not uncommon. Talking to a dietitian about alternative activities may be useful.

Whats stressing her Has she just broken up with her significant other Courtesy of Giphy

Turning to alcohol is another way some react to stress. Whilst a glass of wine with a meal can be a social thing and even have health benefits, gulping wine from the bottle suggests a high level of stress.

At what point is he going to stop gulping down that wine Courtesy of Giphy

Everyone has their own way of reacting to stress. Find something or a collection of ways that are helpful for you. If you are having difficulties coping, don't battle on alone. Talk to someone and get some support.

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