Gifs And Choosing Clothes That Suit The Person You Are Right Now

Gifs And Choosing Clothes That Suit The Person You Are Right Now

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Recently I got to thinking about having clothes that suits the person you are right now when I helped a friend declutter her wardrobe. She was faced with decisions many women face when going through their clothes. Does it look good on me? If I lost weight would I be able to wear it? (Will I lose weight?) Does it fit with my current lifestyle? Does it suit my age? Do I really love this item?

Does it look good on me?
Sometimes the answer to this question is obvious the moment you look in the mirror or by the look on your friend's face. Other times you find yourself moving around to check the view from the side or the back. The outfit may look good from the front but when you take a peek at the side view you change your mind.

Sometimes a friend can help you decide what to buy or, if decluttering, what to keep Giphy

Sometimes it almost looks good but the length is wrong, either too short or too long. Perhaps you can shorten it if it is too long. Could you add some fabric or a piece of lace to lengthen it? If the item is a dress, maybe it would look nice worn as a tunic over leggings or trousers.

Sometimes one has to admit that item bought because it was the latest fashion or on sale was a mistake. Donate it and move on.


If I lose weight would I be able to wear it then?
How many times have I asked myself this question? When buying a piece of clothing you have fallen in love with you may wonder if it would look good on you if you were to shed a few kilos. Some people buy items that are a tad tight as an incentive to lose weight. This works for some but makes others feel depressed as time goes by and their weight hasn't dropped. Sometimes one loses the weight but finds the item doesn't live up to expectation. Yes, you can fit into it, but it doesn't look great.

When going through your wardrobe you may come across items which once fitted but don't now. Sometimes it is best to donate them to an op shop rather than beat oneself up about weight gain. That gain may be due to medication or motherhood rather then eating too many high kilojoule foods and not going out for a daily walk. On the other hand you may decide to make a few changes or talk to your doctor or a dietitian for advice on controlling your weight.

Others find items of clothing are now too big. Perhaps they can be taken in. If that isn't going to work donate the item, give it to a friend or try selling it.


Does it fit with my current lifestyle?
When buying clothes one needs to be realistic about where and when one would wear that gorgeous dress or other item. Perhaps you would have had occasion to wear it a few years ago but your lifestyle has changed and you just wouldn't get much (any?) use out of it now. It's a pity because it is so lovely.

Likewise you may part with a few items when you retire or after deciding your clubbing days are past. Perhaps something attractive to wear when you go out for a meal or see a movie with friends would get more use.

If you are returning to work or are now working in employment where you are required to wear a different type of clothing you may need to buy some clothes.


Does it suit my age?
This is a personal question. Whether you are buying clothes or sorting your existing wardrobe you need to feel it is 'age appropriate'. Some people have strict rules about what is appropriate for what age. They feel some clothes shouldn't be worn by an 'older' person under any circumstances. Likewise, some think particular styles and patterns are restricted to 'older' women. Others feel age doesn't matter.

Do I really love this item?
Again this is a matter of individual taste. If you don't love it and can't pair it with something that makes an outfit you feel happy in, don't buy it. If the item has been in your wardrobe unworn for some time, look at it carefully to see if you can dress it up with accessories, alter the length or do something so you do love it. If not, part with it.

If you don't love the clothes you own you may end up saying, 'I have nothing to wear,' even though you have a wardrobe crammed full.


Sometimes we get stuck in a style rut or our life has changed but our wardrobe hasn't kept up. Think about who you are now and develop a wardrobe to reflect that.

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