Finding that Calm Place

Finding that Calm Place

Posted 2014-08-29 by lynjofollow

We all need a place of calm. A place we can go to - physically or or in our minds - that help us to maintain our balance. To keep our focus. To feel hopeful and positive. It is this calm place that enables us to keep going, to get on with what life has to bring. The positives and negatives of life are always easier to face when we have had some time in our calm place - and when we know we have a calm place to return to when ever we need to.

Sometimes it seems that our calm place is removed from our day to day life. That our day to day life is full of busy-ness, no time for calm, no time for ourselves. It might be work or family that keeps us so busy. Or it might be the demands we place on ourselves to keep busy, to do everything we should do, to get it done quickly.

Having a calm place to go to on a regular basis could be just what we need to help us keep going, to help us continue to support ourselves, our family and do our work as well as we can. By investing in ourselves and recharging our batteries we can then expend our energy.

Our sleep time could be a calm time but it's possible that if we don't have a calm place in our day our brains will be so busy at night time that our sleep will be affected. It needs some support to be able to use sleep to regenerate.

Finding a calm place can take some time. Finding something that works for us at a particular point in time is challenging. It could be losing ourselves in a book. It could be looking at photos and remembering old times. It could be writing and placing our thoughts somewhere. It could be physically taking ourselves to a place where we feel a sense of calm. It requires us to trust ourselves, to trust our inner capacity to bring calm to ourselves.

We all need a calm place. We can help our children find their own calm place. We can change our calm place whenever we want. When we feel like other things are out of control, our calm place can be our own special way to bring everything back to order.


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