Fairies still Found in the Gardens

Fairies still Found in the Gardens

Posted 2014-08-07 by lynjofollow

There's nothing quite like finding a reminder of your childhood to brighten your day. Although I can't remember exactly when I first saw the fairy tree in the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne, it feels like I've known about it forever. Well after childhood, I relived the joy of seeing the tree when my children were young and I took them to visit. A pilgrimage to the fairy tree perhaps.

There's something very magical about the idea of fairies in the garden. It's a reminder to us all to have fun and be open to possibilities. We often lose this ability as we grow older and get caught up in the day to day worries and struggles. We can become over serious, focused on facts. So the fairy tree plays an important role in our lives to stop us in our tracks and give us a moment to pause and reflect.

Using our imagination when we look at the tree we might be able to see the fairies and animals playing joyfully together. Some of the fairies are flying while others are interacting or just sitting quietly. We might wonder whether they come alive and leave the tree at night time when no humans are around. They might run or fly around chasing each other and playing hide and seek among the bushes and flowers in the light of the moon.

Or we might imagine ourselves as one of the fairies. We might notice one of them and wonder what it would be like to be a fairy. The fairies each have their own personalities and characteristics. Some seem cheeky while others appear quiet and gentle. Just maybe there's a little fairy in each of us.


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