Days Of The Telegram includes a poem

Days Of The Telegram includes a poem

Posted 2017-06-02 by Marie Vonowfollow
Adapted from Pixabay

Remember the days of the telegram
In a time which seems so long ago,
When the lad on his bike
Brought urgent news you needed to know,
News of the good times-
Cousin Sue had a baby boy,
Telegrams read out at weddings
Brought congratulations and joy,
But also the sad words,
And during dark days of war,
The dreaded news of a death
Shook those back home to the core.

Thinking about telegrams reminds me of the story told to me some years ago by an older gentleman I met at a community house.

Decades earlier back when this gentleman was a studen,t but old enough to leave school, the local postmaster approached him in the street. The postmaster asked how old he was. Next he asked if had a bicycle which he had. Then the postmaster asked if he wanted a job. When the lad said, 'Yes,' he was told to turn up at the local post office the following Monday to start work delivering telegrams. From that first job he was able to work his way up the ranks of the post office.

No written application, no need to produce school reports, a resume or references and no interview. If only it was that easy for youngsters these days.


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