CrueltyFree Footwear

CrueltyFree Footwear

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Image courtesy Vegan Wares

Starting off on a little tangent today, but don't worry I'll get to the shoes.

(Dun dun dunnnn).... jury duty services... yep, I've been called up. This prompted me to go on the lookout for an appropriate ensemble for the courtroom. Although I am trying to get myself excused (for personal reasons), I still want to look great (if I have to stay around)!

So I think I'm all set for clothing, but I'm still after a nice pair of shoes. As you know, I prefer cruelty-free alternatives, so here starts my search for cruelty-free footwear.

If you’ve ever thought about upgrading your shoes to a cruelty-free alternative, then you’re in the right spot! Keep reading for some delicious options.


Although I haven't made a final decision, I have actually just ordered myself a couple of gorgeous, alternative-looking pairs of shoes from Iron Fist Australia which includes the amazing Third Dimension Heel

Iron Fist Third Dimension Heels Appropriate for jury duty services Image courtesy Iron Fist Australia

But... if I'm told that these heels are too awesome for the courtroom, so awesome in fact that it's distracting to the judge and lawyers... never mind with semantics about my feet being hidden... these are Third Dimension Heels therefore you can see them through the barricade or box where jurors hide. I wouldn't lie to my readers ;)

So if I can't wear these gorgeous shoes, what do I do?

I've been browsing Taffeta Punk , Tragic Beautiful , Beserk and a few other distributors of alternative shoes, but I can't decide. Help me out here!

Two that I have been looking at are from Demonia : The Skull Buckle Ankle Boots and the Black and White Mary-Jane Shoes . Yet, there are so many brands out there though, with so many options, it's making things very difficult for me.

For the alternative scene, here's where to start:
T.U.K. Footwear
Too Fast

But for now, check out these bad boys (girls?) by Funtasma...

Cthulhu shoes by Funtasma. Image courtesy Beserk

These Cthulhu shoes are so amazing that they are, in fact, two shoes in one. Wear it as a gorgeous boot, or remove the top to make it a simple heel. In either form, you have a steampunk look that is to die for.

Daring pinstripe shoes by Funtasma. Image courtesy Beserk


If you're looking to start out slow, ie simple designs, nothing too alternative, then the links below are where you should begin your search for the ultimate cruelty-free shoe.

Macbeth brand shoes are great for those looking to get some nice sneaker-style shoes.

BUT... in any case, you must check out Vegan Wares .

Vegan Wares have so many delicious shoes, I decided to share a few of their designs. If you're looking for comfort and style, then Vegan Wares is the brand for you.
Image courtesy Vegan Wares

Image courtesy Vegan Wares

Moo Shoes is a distributor that offers so many bloody shoes it's ridiculous. Some brands they stock are:
Dr. Martens
Madden Girl


Ione in Mint from BAIT Footwear. Image courtesy

Torrie Pump in Champagne from Madden Girl. Image courtesy

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to what I believe to be one of the most awesome shoes EVER... The Blackspot Unswoosher!

The Blackspot Unswoosher. Image courtesy Adbusters

These Earth-friendly shoes are made with 100% organic hemp and recycled tires, making them indeed very kick-arsey. For more information, or to order your own pair click here

The Blackspot Unswoosher. Image courtesy Adbusters

Those shoes could be a winner. The juror information booklet specified 'comfort,' hehe!

So... have you reached a verdict? So sorry, but I couldn't help it. I know it's cheesy, but I had to write it!



I must confess... a bit of an impulse buyer I am. I couldn't even complete this article without ordering the Cthulhu shoes and the Daring pinstripe shoes, both by Funtasma. I have been eyeing those pinstripe shoes for years now. Probably about time I get them, right? Need to justify my super splurges.

UPDATE: Some sad news. My shoes arrived in the mail, however they are too large a fit for me! (Cries) So it seems I am stuck with my old and ordinary shoes! Why, god, why?!

TIP: If you're considering purchasing from Iron Fist or Too Fast, just keep in mind that U.S. and AUS sizing are very close. I unfortunately listened to someone who told me to get a size up, ie I'm an AUS 8, so I ordered a U.S. 9. Big mistake! Now I must suffer the consequences and turn up to court tomorrow with my boring shoes. Was this all for naught? (Cries again)

But you.... you don't have to make this same error. Learn from my horrible mistakes. Buy the shoes you so desire, but buy the right size, and heaven will await you!


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