Weddings Rings Dresses Oh My

Weddings Rings Dresses Oh My

Posted 2014-05-13 by amberfollow
I have weddings on the brain. Everyone around me is getting married, and they keep asking me when I am going to, and with good reason: I've been engaged for two years.

Before this turns in to the movie 'The Five Year Engagement,'

I feel I have to do something. I just find the whole thing so overwhelming - not the marriage part, I find that quite nice, but more the wedding part of things.

I have a large Italian family, so inevitable any family affair is huge and overwhelming. But it's more the little details I find so scary - making the invitations, place settings, seating charts, bonbonnieres, logistics! It frightens the heck out of me.

A big part of me wants to elope, or have a tiny registry office wedding, but I wonder if I'll regret it down the track?


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