Communication Management in Events

Posted 2014-08-04 by pippa richfollow

I have been involved in the events industry for 9 1/2 years. I have worked as a cleaner, a waitress, in ticketing, security, bars, production and management.

Many roles involved providing information to the public and communicating with management. There is daily pressure placed on people to get the job done, particularly on event day.

There's confusion, misunderstandings and mistakes are made every day. We all play a part of the whole. When we work effectively together we achieve great things.

Communication and management are key to event success. As I was working on the Production Management Team for Strawberry Fields Music Festival, the communication between teams was what got the music playing and created the amazing experience for all.

Management begins with an idea, and the idea is guided through a development process, start to finish. The fun's not over once event day concludes, then comes assessment, evaluation and analysis.

The event industry has a lot to offer individuals with great communication and management skills.


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