Colour Inspirations

Colour Inspirations

Posted 2014-08-03 by pippa richfollow

Have you ever refused to wear a certain colour?

Or been obsessed with one?

I went through a strong hot pink phase in my 20's. I was totally obsessed!

Everything I bought had to have the colour pink. clothing, home ware, shoes, linen, luggage, crockery, cutlery, accessories and miscellaneous items.

I wrote several poems in my publication about pink things. I look back and realize this was actually colour phase 2. As a teenager I was obsessed with green. Although this phase was not quite as severe.

Ted Andrews says pink may be used to awaken emotions like compassion.

It is said to ease anger and feelings of neglect!
That's exactly what I'd been suffering from!

Chromatherapy is the study of colours and is a real discipline. Colours can have an impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual existence.

Next time you choose a dress or a jumper, you may want to learn how this will affect your psyche.


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