Bridges of the World 1

Posted 2014-10-12 by lynjofollow

Bridges are pretty special structures. Not only is the technology associated with the way they are built, and remain standing, pretty special, but their purpose of joining one place to another is well worth reflecting upon.

The decision to build a bridge in a certain place no doubt has a story attached to it, whether we know it later or not. So "why here?" is a good question to ask when we look at bridges. The size of the bridge is also important. Sometimes the bridge is much bigger than the land and water seem to require. So it could be about show, about making a point or taking a stance. It could therefore be a piece of architecture that serves a purpose well beyond the function of the bridge.

This bridge is in Rome. The fast flowing river underneath with its build up of twigs and other debris is only one part of the story. The bridge is decorated by a series of statues and sculptures that are quite memorable, telling the story of the rich culture and religious history of this city and its people. Walking across the bridge feels a bit like walking through an art gallery as you come across statue after statue.

Along the bridge you also come across a range of performers which also keep you entertained. They are certainly making the most of the opportunity the tourists present. For the tourists it just adds to the ambience of this historic city, another stimulus to the senses that stay in mind long after leaving. For the locals the bridge provides a thoroughfare to the centre of Rome, one of many bridges along this busy river.


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