Becoming Sporty

Becoming Sporty

Posted 2015-10-31 by lynjofollow

The world seemed to be divided into two groups when I was at school - the sporty ones and the others. I always fit into the others group. I preferred to collect rubbish rather than do physical education at secondary school. The thought of holding your breath for swimming or leaping over a horse in the gym sent my stomach spiralling into knots.

This pattern has continued throughout my life. I studied community psychology with some classes shared with sport psychology students. They wore track suits and runners. I wore sandals or boots. They were thin and ate healthy foods. I was more shapely and lived on coffee and donuts from the canteen.

And even now I'm confronted in the lift at work by people my age wearing cyclists' Lycra, helmet in hand. Even when it rains. I'm there with my comfy shoes and work clothes, no time for a shower before I begin my work day.

I've sometimes wondered what it would be like to be sporty. I've dabbled at times, paid a fortune for a gym membership I hardly used. I've been to aerobics and yoga. I've sat on exercise bikes and walked on the treadmill. I've tried to feel the benefits but haven't ever really felt that it's embraced me or helped me feel better. I've never been inspired to do it more often or commit to a gym again. But I do enjoy a walk along the beach or when doing photography. That's the kind of exercise that works for me.


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