Battles Lost And Won

Battles Lost And Won

Posted 2014-08-04 by pippa richfollow

Australia's involvement in war may exceed most peoples comprehension. In the 'Encyclopaedia of Australian Battles' by Chris Clark there are 320 actions over 200years of history. These include Army, Navy and Air Force Battles, as well as frontier conflict, civil strife and unrest.

Australian involvement in battle during the 1800s occur in almost every state and territory. These conflicts are often between the Aboriginal people, settlers and troops.

Last Thursday night I spent some time with an acquaintance.we went from the bar to his place, the returned Naval League Barracks. This person had blocked out his windows, I questioned why, and the response was ' I don't want people to shoot me, old habits'.

Their book shelf was filled with war related stories, his DVDs were also about war. I made the conclusion this person was a war fanatic.

War has affected millions of lives. I have had family members fight in wars.

War is tragic.

May the future be full of peace and prosperity.


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