Are You Clairaudient

Are You Clairaudient

Posted 2014-08-04 by pippa richfollow

We all receive information through the sense of hearing. But what kind of information do you hear? Do you hear long distances? How acute is your hearing?

Do you hear voices?

Are they of astral beings?

Are you hypersensitive to noises?

Do you feel like someone is speaking to you in your head?

You may be clairaudient. Focusing on your abilities can allow you to sense psychic sounds.

Hear the whispers on the wind. The spirit guides may have something to say.

Often when trying to fall asleep in bed in often hear what I know to be 'astral noise'. The sounds of the astral world. The voices of the known and unknown, mumbling so whispers and illusive sentences.

These experiences have left me frustrated and confused, and also highly entertained.


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