Advantages Of Short Hair

Advantages Of Short Hair

Posted 2016-09-02 by Marie Vonowfollow
Long hair can look feminine and there are plenty of interesting ways you can wear your hair if you are confident or have someone on hand to do your hair for you. However, short hair has plenty of advantages and is so easy to live with.

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For many years I wore my hair shoulder length or a little longer. I considered it more feminine than having short hair. I had plans to do all sorts of fun things with it and use a variety of accessories in my hair. However, I ended up washing and drying it and just wearing it plain. It annoyed me when the wind blew it into my face and eyes but I persevered. (How come hair blowing into a model's face looks great in a magazine but in real life I found it annoying and it looked untidy?)

Well, I took the plunge and got it cut and have found many advantages to short hair. These include:

Quick to wash
My hair is thick and when it was long it took a while to shampoo, condition and rinse thoroughly. Now I can do this quickly and I use less shampoo and conditioner.

Super quick to dry
When I had long hair I often used a hair dryer and always did in winter. It took a long time to get it dry and I had to be careful to ensure my hair was completely dry when I went to bed or it would look awful in the morning.

If I use a hair dryer now I only use it for a minute or so and my hair is just about dry. This is probably better for my hair with fewer split ends but I get my hair cut more frequently now anyway to maintain some style.

Needs less hair colour
When I coloured my long hair I sometimes needed more than one packet of colour to do the job properly. One packet is plenty for short hair.

No tangles
My long hair sometimes got tangles in it but my short hair doesn't.

Earrings are more visible
I love wearing earrings . Sometimes I wear studs or small owl or butterfly shaped earrings. These often got hidden under my long hair. Yes, I could have solved this problem by wearing my hair tucked behind my ears or tied back. Somehow I was never happy with the look of it on me worn in either of those ways.

Cute cat earrings Image courtesy of Pixabay

It's cooler in summer
Long hair can get hot in summer. Yes, I always planned to arrange it in some sort of a trendy messy up-do, but never felt confident about my attempts so my hair just stuck to my neck and got sweaty.

There are numerous cuts for short hair, pixie, undercut, bob and all sorts of variations. There are varying degrees of 'shortness' too.

The great thing about hair is that it is always growing. That means if you get it cut and aren't happy with short hair you can just let it grow again. However, I don't think I will be growing my hair again.


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