A Reminder To Play Nice

A Reminder To Play Nice

Posted 2018-02-17 by Marie Vonowfollow
A friend and I spent a couple of hours in another suburb this morning. We enjoyed looking at shops, discussing things we saw and catching up on each other's news. We had lunch in a lovely cafe and on the way back to the car I took photos of some street art and signs in a lane way. One printed sign art caught my attention with it's simple reminder to 'play nice and share'. This is something not only children, but some adults, need to be reminded of.

A sign displaying a simple reminder Image by Marie Vonow

What do we mean by 'playing nice'
When adults tell kids to 'play nice' they usually mean
  • take turns
  • listen to what others say
  • don't say nasty, mean or cruel things to other children
  • don't threaten, yell at or swear at others
  • don't tell lies about others
  • don't talk about others behind their backs
  • don't steal from others
  • don't hit, punch, push or physically hurt others
  • don't damage other people's property

  • 'Sharing' can be considered part of 'playing nice'.

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    Do adults always 'play nice'?
    Unfortunately there are plenty of times when adults do things or act in a way that is not 'nice'.

    Both men and women can be guilty of bullying. Workplace bullying is all too common. For some, Work place bullying adds to the stress of earning a living. The consequences can be serious, having a negative effect on the worker's mental health.

    Sometimes adults fail to act in a civil manner towards others they meet in sports or other social settings. A person may have joined a group hoping to meet others who share a common interest but instead find themselves ostracised. Although we aren't going to like everyone we meet in life it is usually possible, with a bit of effort, to be polite. You don't have to spend a lot of time with someone whom you don't actually like but you can be pleasant when you need to interact. However, some groups have members who talk excessively about others behind their backs, make up lies, twist the truth or exclude them.

    There are television programs which portray contestants in some sort of 'reality' show competing in a way which is anything but 'playing nice'. Is this really entertainment? Does it set a good example for children?

    Although the internet has many positive aspects, there are times when adults (as well as children and teenagers) do not 'play nice'. Comments on social media can be mean and harmful. Some write scathing remarks about those who hold a different opinion when they express their thoughts in a comments section.

    Seeing the simple sign with its reminder to 'Play nice and share' got me thinking the world would be a nicer place if more people did just this.

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