A Little Sunshine Goes a Very Long Way

A Little Sunshine Goes a Very Long Way

Posted 2014-06-28 by lynjofollow

It’s amazing the difference the sun can make to the way you feel. Maybe it’s something to do with this time of year - winter and grey skies which mean that I’ve been missing what I usually take for granted. The warmth on my face and the brightness of the sun as it reflects off metal and tree branches seems to give me a sense that all is right with the world. Perhaps it’s because the sun forces its way through the grey of the clouds and wins the battle that makes it so special at this time of time. Or perhaps it’s just that the sun shine might only shine for a very short time before it disappears again behind the cloud.

Whatever it is that makes it work so well for me, it makes me believe that light therapy must be beneficial. It’s just so evident that something in the grey matter of my brain responds well to the brightness that winter sunlight brings. It stops me from being grumpy or feeling helpless. Instead, it helps me feel hopeful and content.

It’s so easy to ignore such simple life pleasures in one’s busy day. It’s nice to remember to notice and to feel the benefits for my body and soul. If only I could always find a way to always take note and find the moment it takes to reflect on such simple things when they do occur.


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