6 Ways To Feel More Positive

6 Ways To Feel More Positive

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Whether you are thinking about the world in general or your own life sometimes one just feels negative. Some people are predisposed to having a negative outlook and it can be difficult for them to feel more positive. Others are usually fairly positive but sometimes get into a negative slump. There are ways to feel more positive.

1. Look after your health
I am not talking about anything extreme here. However, if you get enough sleep (not so easy if you have a restless baby or youngster), eat a reasonably healthy diet and get a bit of exercise such as going for a walk it will help you feel more positive.

2. Get some sunshine
Although we need to be careful about being exposed to the sun, sunshine can lift the spirits. Some people suffer depression when they aren't exposed to sunshine. Practice some caution and wear a hat and some sunscreen while you catch some rays.

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3. Reduce or cut out following the News
Some people claim one shouldn't have any exposure to the News because it is often inaccurate and is bad for your health. Constantly hearing about all the disasters and sad and shocking events and not about the good in the world can really bring one down. One can start thinking, 'What's the use of trying if we are all doomed?'

4. Spend more time with positive people
We can't avoid negative people all the time. Perhaps some of them need support, understanding and encouragement. Some are family members and work mates we are just going to be in contact with unless we do something drastic like cause a rift in the family or quit our job. Others are people we don't need to see often or might stop associating with, especially if they go out of their way to be nasty or mean.

5. Get rid of clutter
Having a room, house or yard with lots of broken items or things we no longer need or use can bring one down. There are plenty of ideas about how to tackle the task of decluttering on the internet and in the library.

6. Gratitude
Sometimes one forgets to look at the good things in life. These are often quite simple things. The people around us may be a source of support but sometimes we forget to appreciate them. Looking for things and people to feel gratitude for can make one feel more positive.

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Sometimes one just needs a reminder about the ordinary things one can do to make oneself feel more positive. Other times one needs help from family, friends and/or a health professional. Health problems can bring one down, especially mental health issues. Talking to a doctor may be the first step toward getting the support needed.

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