5 Ways To Find Ideas For Writing Darling She Articles

5 Ways To Find Ideas For Writing Darling She Articles

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How does one find ideas for writing articles suitable for Darling She? There are ideas all around and the more you write the more you will notice things you could write about. You do not have to worry about using up all your ideas.

1. Look at the list of categories in Darling She
  • There are many topics including health, life, change, women, family, fashion, beauty, relationships and home. The list goes on but that is plenty to start with.

  • A writer can write from personal experience or do some research as the basis for coming up with an article. Perhaps you can write an article based on some professional knowledge.

  • 2. Look at the questions in Answer Angels or another question and answer site.

  • Some questions will give you ideas for an article.

  • 3. Attend a writers' group and use some of the prompts provided there to develop into an article

  • I go along to a local writers' group where we are given a word as a writing prompt each week. We have about fifteen minutes to write something from the prompt and then we share our creations. One week the word was 'jeans' and I came up with a short poem. Recently I wrote an article about jeans and included the poem. Another week the word was closet and again I was able to do some more work at home and craft an article suitable for Darling She.

  • Something you write during a writers group session could be worked on to make it suitable for Darling She. Courtesy of Pixabay

  • If you don't have access to a writers' group or your group doesn't provide prompts, look for prompts online.

  • 4. See what's trending on Twitter
  • You will see what questions are being asked and the problems others are facing. This could spark the topic for an article.

  • Look at other social media sites, but don't get distracted from your main task which is to find ideas for articles.

  • 5. Use a personal story to motivate or inspire others
  • Perhaps you overcame a fear or broke a habit that was having a negative effect on your life. You get to choose what you are comfortable sharing with others and don't have to disclose anything you would rather keep private.
  • Your story could be really helpful to someone else.

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