10 Reasons Not to Be a Waitress

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My own personal hopeless attempts at being a waitress have seen me dismissed several times for unintelligent mistakes.

Some people possess the required skills, attitude and enthusiasm to be a successful waitress. I am not one of them.

It appears to me that I have a physical inability to perform the required tasks.

I do not mean to demean or put down waitressing.
But here are my 10 reasons not to be a waitress.

1. Number one for me is the plain and simple fact that at the majority of high profile events, the plates are just too hot and too heavy, and the delicate contents must be carried with the utmost of care.
When the manager is rushing the waiters and waitresses to place those plates on the table as quickly as possible.

2. The drink trays are always packed, filled until there is no space for anything else on the tray. This can mean carrying up to 10 full glasses at once. Although the weight isn't always the issue, the coordination of serving drinks and then receiving empty glasses is no easy feat.

3. The patrons don't care about you. You're a waitress not a CEO. Well you maybe a CEO (as some waitresses are) but for the function or event, you're performing the tasks of a waitress. This places you at about 0 on the care factor.

4. Continuing from 3, but more specific, you just don't receive any respect.

5. You use skill and maximum effort. This job is physically demanding, and the skill required to manoeurve around obstacles on the table, not to mention body parts is quite demanding. There are the quiet times, like once dinner is served, but those busy times, your doing your best with all you got!

6. Is it a career to be proud of?
If you are a waitress, are you proud to tell people that?
I personally am not. I refer to myself as high profile event staff.

7. It's hard to wait on tables for hours and not spill anything. If you've ever worked in a restaurant you may understand this. The rush back and forth, customer, table, order, till, kitchen or bar and back to the table.

8. It's quite difficult to serve people at the table when there's so many 'things' on the table.

9. There are so many rules to setting the table, presenting and serving wine, serving food at the table and clearing a table. Frankly, every place I work has a new set of rules. I'm not following.


10. Why do something you don't enjoy?

I don't enjoy acting like a second class citizen, a slave to corporates, waiting on people, really.

My calling is elsewhere, hospitality was a means to fund my life during University studies. I have now graduated in Event Management. Sadly I will need those waitresses in the future to serve the food and the drinks at my future events :P


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