What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around

Posted 2018-03-05 by Mina Keenanfollow

Hanging out with my cousins the other day had us howling with laughter about how we used to roll our eyes when our parents 'forgot' our names and called us one or other of our sibling's names.

When we were younger we thought they might be losing it.

Then we got older and started doing it ourselves with our own kids.

I saw my kids roll their eyes when I did it, totally reminding me of my younger self. I remember feeling embarrassed about it and hadn't the words to explain myself (go figure!)

Daughter was around the other week, brood in tow...and she did it. We caught each others eye and burst out laughing.

We put it down to being busy, preoccupied with 101 other things floating about in the brainwaves.

There is a kind of contradiction with this. We are a big family and scattered, but our parents herded us together at every (seems like any) occasion.

That generation knew all us cousin's names. When we had kids they remembered them too, which is totally amazing to me.

Caught myself mixing up the grandkids names not too long ago. Hope I'm not losing it.


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